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If you’ve been worrying that you may have symptoms of novel coronavirus, this website could have all of the answers. In response to the global pandemic, the Government of Canada has created a COVID-19 self-assessment test. The tool aims to help Canadians find out if they could potentially have the virus, by asking a series of questions and sharing helpful advice.

Another good self  test that you can do every day is this : Take a deep breath and hold your breath for 15 seconds - if you can do this without coughing and without feeling any major lung discomfort and without any chest tightness - chances are you are not infected with COVID or any cold virus. Again this is just a guide only. 


Lastly and most importantly you do not need to be close to someone to get this covid virus. It lives on surfaces. So be careful next time you are filling gas and holding that pump or in a grocery store and buying food and putting it in bags/carts.  Stay safe and stay healthy.